Remote desktoping is very easy to understand by following this steps

  • Start with your host computer, first log in to the system as administrator.
  • click on start menu and open the control panel ,from there click on performance and maintenance.

  • Next click on system.

  • click the remote tab and do the following

  • click on security center

  • from there click on windows firewall

  • make sure that” Don’t allow Exception box is not selected “.

  • click the exceptions tab and select the remote desktop check box.

  • Next click OK and close the Security Center.You will need the name of the computer
  • click on “Performance and maintenance” and click on “System” .from there click on the
  • computer name tab.

copy down the full computer name and close the control panel…….

Now open your Computer,click on “Start menu” and from there click on “Accessories menu” and next click on communications and point to “Remote Desktop”.and next the following screen appears.

click on the following screen appears.

When the Log On to Windows dialog box appears, type your user name, password, and domain (if required), and then click OK

And to stop the remote desktop click on start menu and open the log off menu .When prompted, click Log Off