Team Viewer: how to use Remote Desktop with Team Viewer

Team Viewer:how to use Remote Desktop

Remote desktop is made so easy by using this software called Team VIewer. You can get full version from this site .Team viewer is attracting more than 150000 lakh people per year due to its easy of use.Team viewer is especially  designed to support Remote Desktoping.Team Viewer provides full support for one stop solutions for remote desktop.Team Viewer allows to access the pc with fast and good imaging quality.Team Viewer also provides file sharing , chat and more.Team Viewer makes to interact with the clients to make a business directly .

Remote Desktoping is made easy with the Team Viewer .Just download this full version from this link …

Team Viewer software should be downloaded by the remote pc and the user pc. so that both can access each other .After finishing downloading ,start installing the software in u r selected drive . After installing u will get a ID and Password automatically and tell u r friend to note u r id and make a click on connect button..after gaining local address team viewer will ask for u r the password give the password to u r friend and after giving the password ur pc will be accessed by u r friend .In the same way u can access his system my giving his id and password.

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