how to make firefox faster

Increment your surfing travel with  tweaks. Most of the users using these tweaks think a pretty formal feedback of a elevate in their surfing speed.

 swiftness experimentation of your net connection before & after at protocol hhtp://
 Every1 knows that how to Quicken Up the Firefox.Do you  use internet Explorer? It is  worthless if you do. You need to change to something else. 

Who dont know this jazz, pls follow this:
 Type about:config” into the address bar and press enter to look for this entries:

<<<network.http.pipelining>>> to true
<<<network.http.proxy.pipelining>>> to true
<<<network.http.pipelining.maxrequests>>> to  <<<30>>>
and  rightclick on that page  and choose New  Integer and make a name for it as <<<nglayout.initialpaint.delay>>> and mark the value to <<<0>>>.

Firefox is outstanding, but don’t just accept our word for it:Show
Built Remembering Direction
With all new management functions in judge, Firefox 3 keeps faculty pattern under try. The XPCOM ride mortal continuously cleans up clean retention. Plus, hundreds of hardware leaks are now remedied.

Faster JavaScript
Firefox now empowers plane greater Web process, with JavaScript 1.8-including expression closures, shaper style and array decoct.
Smaller Retention Print
Swindle and treat, Firefox now uses lower of your computer’s retention patch it’s jetting.

Faster Writer Lade
A redesigned tender performance and layout engine agency you see Web pages faster-and in the way they were meant to be seen.

Graphics Engine Improvements
Restored text version is righteous the offset of the benefits of an all new lifelike engine for Firefox 3.